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Are you ready to wake up beautiful?

Eye Define Lash Enhancement


Make your eyes pop and enhance your lash line to get thicker, fuller looking lashes so you will always look refreshed!

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Effortless Brows

My signature service with gentle touch enhancement gives you fully customizable, long lasting brows that perfectly fit your features and personality so you can wake up beautiful!

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Perfect Touch Lip Blush


One of the hottest new trends in permanent makeup! A light dusting of color makes lips appear healthier, fuller and more even - making you look more youthful!

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Lightening & Removal


Do you have old, unwanted, discolored permanent cosmetics? This gentle removal technique lightenS previous work so your new brows can look their best or completely removes remaining pigment for a clean SLATE!


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When it comes to beauty I am the expert in the “rules”,

but YOU are the expert in your face.

After spending close to 15 years in both the beauty AND the tattoo industry,

what sets me apart from other artists is my ability to listen.

Using my Meant For You Shaping Technique, I will guide you to choose the perfect brow, lip, or eye liner shape, but it is always a collaboration and NEVER a surprise.


My goal isn’t to just give you beautiful results, but to give you beautiful results that work for YOU!


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I am here to help you decide if permanent makeup is right for you.

Feel free to text me and ask me your questions.

I will reply ASAP if I am not with a customer...

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29787 Antelope Rd., Ste #100 Studio #24

Menifee, CA 92584


About Me

Growing up, art was just a way of life. Drawing and painting were always second nature to me. So it was no surprise when I chose to pursue a career in the tattoo industry. Sharing my art and creativity fed my soul. 


But when I discovered makeup, and more specifically “corrective makeup”, I fell in love. There was a way I could make slight, yet very precise changes to the colors or placement of makeup and it would brighten my clients’ face and take years off of their appearance. I could create art by giving people the opportunity to see in the mirror who they FELT like on the inside. As I began to merge my two careers, my true passion became clear. 


Permanent Makeup has been the best of both worlds. Not only do I help people look and feel like their true selves, but I also eliminate their struggles with makeup and save them precious time every day!

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