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Chelsea Larsen CDL Tattoos permanent cosmetic artist

But first, a little about me. 

Believe it or not, I actually started my career wanting to do special FX makeup for film. As a lifelong artist, I loved the idea of being able to create works of art using people as my canvas. It was only when I took required beauty courses, as part of my education, that I discovered my talent as a print and fashion artist and switched paths. 

My budding career took me from retail manager for Benefit Cosmetics, to freelancing for lines such as MAC, Lancôme, and Giorgio Armani, ad campaigns including Tilly’s and CoverGirl, magazine editorials and runway shows, being a color theory and corrective makeup educator, and just about everything in-between.

However, a few years into my career, I had begun to grow disenchanted with the fashion world. In a stroke of fate, I was given the opportunity to start a tattoo apprenticeship. Now this was a career path change! But I jumped at the opportunity. Apprenticing half the week and continuing to do makeup the other half... After a few years, I was tattooing exclusively.

Even though I had had an exciting career in the fashion industry and now a successful career as a tattoo artist, I actually missed working cosmetics retail! I just loved the feeling of helping every day women feel beautiful. How I could make slight, yet very precise changes to the colors or placement of makeup and it would brighten their face and take years off of their appearance. I missed giving people the opportunity to see in the mirror who they FELT like on the inside. That was when I knew I needed to merge my two passions. Cosmetics and tattoos. 

Let me tell you how much I LOVE being a permanent makeup artist. I get to help women feel beautiful and the results don’t wash off that same night! The same skills that women used to beg me to teach them, they now get to keep without any extra work! I get to save women time and frustration and give them confidence 24/7. And I CANNOT wait to share that with you!

...Not only is Chelsea extremely professional, she is a true master in her art. Thanks again for your incredible attention to detail. I feel amazing!

If you have even considered tattooing your eyebrows you don't have to look for anyone other than Chelsea. You will be so happy you found her too!!

Chelsea is seriously a life changing person... I feel like a whole new woman! She is a wizard at what she does. I have so much more confidence now!