Effortless Brows

Permanent Eyebrows

Are you tired of waking up with thin, sparse, or uneven brows? Do you hate wasting time everyday getting your brows to look just right? Or maybe you hate applying makeup, but want a more finished look? If that sounds like you, Effortless Brows is the perfect, long lasting, permanent eyebrow service for you!

Chelsea, I’m so happy with my brows!! You did an excellent job! Thank you!

Effortless Brows are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save time and frustration! 

Using my custom “Meant For You Shaping Technique” and my expertise and years as a makeup artist, we determine the perfect brow shape to fit your features and existing brow hair (if any) along with YOUR preference in style. I may be the expert in the “rules” but YOU are the expert in your face! Your end result will never be a surprise and your new brows will always make you look and feel like YOU!

What should I expect during my appointment?

Your appointment will begin with a full consultation where you will fill out paperwork, we will review your medical history, discuss your goals and expectations of permanent makeup, answer any questions, and take before photos.

We will then begin my “Meant For You Shaping Technique”. We will be drawing your shape with brow pencil, so you will see exactly what your new brows will look like before we start tattooing!

Once you are completely satisfied with your new shape, I custom-blend the perfect color pigment – always using the top of the line products to ensure your brows stay true to color (no pink or blue brows here!) throughout the life of your permanent eyebrow tattoo. 

Then I will use my “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique” to apply the pigment, keeping you numb throughout. 

When you are completely satisfied with the results, we will take after photos, discuss aftercare, make an appointment for your Perfecting Session, and you will receive a complimentary after care kit to help ensure proper healing.

How Long does it last?

Everyones results will vary (due to skin type, lifestyle, etc) but you can expect your brows to look great for 1-3 years before needing a refresh! 

Does it hurt?

Although everyone’s pain tolerance is unique, most clients report very mild to no pain at all. After the service you may have some slight redness and/or minimal swelling, but at worst will look like you just had your brows waxed and will not require any downtime. 

Unlike other techniques that can cause significant pain, bleeding, and scarring, my “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique”, along with topical numbing agents, ensures your comfort throughout the service! Clients actually fall asleep!

What is the difference between Effortless Brows and Microblading?

While Effortless Brows and microblading are both considered “permanent eyebrow tattoos” there are several important differences between the two techniques:

  • My “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique” results in very minimal trauma to the skin and does not produce deep, unsightly scarring and blurring that is commonly seen in microblading. 
  • Effortless Brows is a great service for almost any skin type and condition whereas microblading is only suitable for very healthy, non-oily skin. 
  • Effortless Brows is a gentle, nearly pain free service, while microblading and other permanent eyebrows require cutting the skin repeatedly which can cause great discomfort.
  • Effortless Brows lasts up to 3 years, significantly longer than microblading.
  • Effortless Brows is fully customizable for your lifestyle – whether you are looking for a light dusting of color or a more dramatic, full brow look. While microblading often leaves clients needing to still wear makeup everyday to get the look they desire. 


All signature services include:

  • A full consultation to discuss your goals and expectations of permanent makeup, answer any questions, and find you the perfect brow shape and style.
  • My Meant For You Shaping Technique. This custom technique is a collaboration of my expertise in finding the perfect brow shape to fit your features and existing brow hair (if any) with YOUR preference in style. 
  • Top of the line, custom-blended pigment so your brows stay true to color throughout the life of your permanent eyebrow tattoo!
  • My Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique to ensure your comfort throughout the service. Clients actually fall asleep!
  • Full aftercare instructions and COMPLIMENTARY aftercare kit so your healing is quick and easy.
  • And beautiful brows that LAST 1-3 years!

This luxury Effortless Brows session ALSO includes:

Our signature Effortless Brows Service (any style)

Preferential “SKIP THE LINE” booking (get in up to 10 weeks sooner!)

COMPLIMENTARY 1-hour teeth whitening session (a $180 value!)

Enhanced aftercare kit (a $50 value) so your healing is quick and easy

And a mimosa!

1249 | 5 hrs

natural microshading

Chelsea was amazing. I am so happy with my new brows. I was always super self conscious of the way they were and now I can honestly say I wake up feeling better about my self. Keep killing the brow game!

Best for those with previous microblading or permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Correct unnatural colors, mild to moderate unevenness, and bring life back to dull brows!

799 | Up To 4 hrs

I am beyond thrilled with my brows! They are perfectly shaped and the most beautiful color!! Chelsea is a true artist and professional. The entire process from start to finish was a dream!! Thank you Chelsea for the best experience and the most beautiful results!!

natural looking permanent makeup

Most popular service!

Best for those who have thinning, sparse or uneven brows.

Define your brows and look more youthful!

Suitable for all skin types, very light previous permanent makeup may be ok.

699 | Up To 4 hrs

natural looking permanent makeup

So happy! I was super nervous to get my brows done but Chelsea was absolutely amazing. I’m the biggest baby and she was so calm and professional. Not only is she an amazing artist but just a real down to earth person. I will be back soon for my eyeliner! I can’t believe how easy this process was!

before and after microblading
before and after microblading

Great option for those wanting a very natural, sheer eyebrow look.

Virgin brows only. Digital microblading hair strokes available for specific skin types only.

649 | Up To 3 hrs

Oh my Goodness.. I would give Chelsea 100 stars if I could rate her overall expertise and professional manner in tattoos. Had my eyebrows done on Saturday and truly love them. Thanks so MUCH for making me feel beautiful

blonde hair permanent eyebrows

This session ensures the best results in color, shape, and saturation.

Must be 6-12 weeks after initial service. 12+ weeks additional charge may apply.

149 | Up To 2 hrs

Give your brows a new life with fresh color and saturation.

Existing clients only, valid 12 months – 3 years from last service only.

349+ | Up To 3 hrs

blonde hair permanent eyebrows