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ladies of
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Every day I help clients who have had the SAME struggles as you!

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hi! My name is Chelsea, and I want to help you feel beautiful!

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do you want to:

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effortless brows!


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Seriously amazing experience!! Chelsea is amazing at her art! Not painful, gorgeous results, everyone needs their brows done by her!!

Holly R.

Which Effortless Brows is right for you?

Whether you're looking for natural brows, a little more definition, or need to cover-up or correct old work, there's an effortless brows for you!

(limited time only!)

Effortless Brows
$ 449
  • Natural, sheer eyebrow look
  • Digital microblading hair strokes available
    (for specific skin types only)
  • Beautiful brows that LAST 1-3 years!

(limited time only!)

Effortless Brows
$ 499
  • Rejuvenate thinning, sparse or uneven brows
  • Define your brows and look more youthful and refreshed 24/7!
  • Beautiful brows that LAST 1-3 years!

(limited time only!)

Effortless Brows
+ correction/coverup
$ 549
  • Correct unnatural colors and
    mild to moderate unevenness
  • Bring life back to dull brows!
  • Beautiful brows that LAST 1-3 years!

your package includes:

beautiful brows

In just a few hours!

long lasting

up to three years!

made for you

get the perfect shape!

Chelsea, I’m so happy with my brows!! You did an excellent job! Thank you!

Melody D.

Are you ready for gorgeous brows?

Are you ready for
gorgeous brows?

Here's what happens after you click:


  • First you’ll be taken to a scheduling page with our calendar to find the best time and date for you
  • Then you’ll answer a few questions about yourself and pay small booking fee to hold your time (this fee will go towards your total)
  • After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all your appointment details (where to go and what to know!)
  • And finally, you’ll be on your way to ditching that eyebrow pencil!!

still have questions?

here are our most common ones

One of the greatest things about Effortless Brows is that it is perfect for ANY skin type and ANY style brow!

Making it the PERFECT solution for anyone who wants gorgeous brows, 24/7!

Although everyone’s pain tolerance is unique, most clients report mild discomfort to no pain at all. Clients even regularly fall asleep during their service!

After the service you may have some slight redness and/or minimal swelling, but at worst will look like you just had your brows waxed and will not require any downtime.

Everyone will heal at different rates, buy typically Effortless Brows will be done peeling in 7-10 days. You may resume wearing makeup on the service area once peeling is complete.

However, services are not considered fully healed for 6-12 weeks, at which point your final results will be seen. Some clients will experience a “Phantom Phase” during the 1.5 – 2 week mark where their permanent makeup will appear very light and then darken again as it continues to heal. Please be patient during this time and until the full 6-12 weeks has passed. LIGHTLY exfoliating your brows a few times a week in advance of your appointment can help – do not exfoliate 7 days prior.

This custom technique is a collaboration of my expertise in finding the perfect brow shape to fit your features and existing brow hair (if any) with YOUR preference in style.

I may be the expert in the “rules” but YOU are the expert in your face! Your end result will never be a surprise and your new brows will make you look like YOU!

Unlike other techniques out there that can cause significant pain, bleeding, and scarring, this specialized technique doesn’t result in traumatized skin!

This technique along with topical numbing agents ensures your comfort throughout the service! Clients actually fall asleep!

CDL Tattoos does not tattoo anyone under 18 years old, pregnant or nursing, allergies to makeup or hair dye/tattoo pigment/food coloring/certain metals, if you have any diseases/disorders or are on any medications that affect healing (call to discuss), taking Accutane or steroids, those with shingles, cancer, hemophilia, active Herpes/coldsore outbreaks, sunburn, psoriasis or eczema on the area of service, or those prone to Keloid scarring or hypo/hyper pigmentation.

If you are currently using skin products containing Retinols/Retin-A, anti-aging/acne creams, or serums containing acids please discontinue for at least 60 days prior to service. No chemical peels 60 days before or after service.

Botox treatments or fillers in the service area should be done 3 weeks prior or 4 weeks after service. Please contact to discuss whether to have your service before or after.

CDL Tattoos is located inside Sola Salons Suites at:

29787 Antelope Rd., 

Ste #100 Studio #24

Menifee, CA 92584

Opening Hours are by appointment only. 

I walked into the salon where Chelsea operates and immediately felt at ease. Chelsea explained everything we were going to be doing and I never at any point felt rushed. She took her time and I learned that day that she is an absolute perfectionist. She spent so much time drawing and redrawing my brows to give me exactly what wanted and also with her knowledge what looked best on me. The process was painless, meticulous and the end result is beautiful.

Jessica B.


CDL Tattoos, bringing YOUR
inner beauty to life.

CDL Tattoos,
bringing YOUR
inner beauty to life.

Founder & Owner

Chelsea Larsen

Chelsea Larsen is the owner and artist of CDL Tattoos. Her almost 20 years as a professional makeup artist for leading cosmetic brands (including Benefit Cosmetics, MAC, Lancôme, Giorgio Armani), an expansive body of work in print and fashion, along with her 15 years as a traditional body tattoo artist guarantees you the experience you deserve. 

Chelsea’s signature “Made For You Shaping Technique” was created out of a her extensive knowledge in corrective makeup and a strong desire from clients for a brow that enhanced their natural beauty instead of just being “on trend”. This perfected technique gives you expertly shaped brows that not only fit your lifestyle and personality but save you precious time and make you appear younger and more refreshed! Utilizing her skill as a tattoo artist and one of a kind “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique”, Chelsea not only provides you a safe, clean, and comfortable experience, but beautiful results that make you feel like you!

When she is not helping women feel beautiful, Chelsea can usually be found chasing after her two little boys, Novel and Bodhi, or spending time with her husband Justin.

Helping women feel beautiful, one eyebrow at a time.

before time runs out!