Eye Define Lash Enhancement

Permanent Eyeliner

Say goodbye to the days of smeared, smudged, and uneven eyeliner and hello to the ONLY true long lasting solution to messy traditional makeup, with Eye Define Lash Enhancement permanent eyeliner!

I have never done eyeliner but thought why not? I’m getting older and maybe it would be something that would perk up my look. I LOVE it!!!

Eye Define Lash Enhancement is a revolutionary permanent makeup technique that gives you natural, glam, or any style in-between eyeliner that lasts! Pigment is placed WITHIN the actual lashes to enhance your lash line and give your eyeliner a gorgeous finishing touch.

What should I expect during my appointment?

Your appointment will begin with a full consultation where you will fill out paperwork, we will review your medical history, discuss your goals and expectations of permanent makeup, answer any questions, and take before photos.

We will then use my “Meant For You Shaping Technique” to find the perfect eyeliner shape to fit your features and personality; allowing you to see exactly where the tattoo will be placed before any pigment is put into the skin.

Once you are completely satisfied with your new shape, I custom-blend the perfect color pigment – always using the top of the line products to ensure your liner stay true to color throughout the life of your tattoo. 

Then I will use my “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique” to apply the pigment, keeping you numb throughout. 

When you are completely satisfied with the results, we will take after photos, discuss aftercare, make an appointment for your Perfecting Session, and you will receive a complimentary after care kit to help ensure proper healing.

How Long does it last?

Everyones results will vary (due to skin type, lifestyle, etc) but you can expect your liner to look great for 1-5 years before needing a refresh! 

Does it hurt?

Although everyone’s pain tolerance is unique, most clients report very mild to no pain at all. However, it is normal for Eye Define Lash Enhancement to have some mild to moderate swelling and/or bruising after and you will be provided an ice pack to help. Any swelling/bruising should subside within a few hours.

What is the difference between Eye Define Lash Enhancement and traditional Permanent Eyeliner tattoos?

While both Eye Define Lash Enhancement and traditional permanent eyeliner are considered “permanent makeup” there are several important differences between the two techniques:

  • My “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique” results in very minimal trauma to the skin and does not produce blurry, thick liner like traditional eyeliner tattoos can.
  • While you may experience some discomfort, Eye Define Lash Enhancement is a gentle service compared to the extremely painful eyeliner tattoos of the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Eye Define Lash Enhancement is fully customizable for your lifestyle – whether you are looking for thicker appearing lashes or the perfect wedge/wing. Other permanent eyeliner is typically a once-size-fits-all look, with little room for customization.


All signature services include:

  • A full consultation to discuss your goals and expectations of permanent makeup, answer any questions, and find you the perfect shape for your liner (if added).
  • Top of the line, custom-blended pigment so your lash enhancement stays true to color.
  • My Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique to ensure your comfort throughout the service.
  • Full aftercare instructions and COMPLIMENTARY aftercare kit so your healing is quick and easy. *Kit includes reusable ice packs in the event of any swelling.
  • And thicker appearing lashes that lasts 1-5 years!

This luxury Eye Define Lash Enhancement session ALSO includes:

Our signature Eye Define Lash Enhancement Service (any style)

Preferential “SKIP THE LINE” booking (get in up to 10 weeks sooner!)

COMPLIMENTARY 1-hour teeth whitening session (a $180 value!)

Enhanced aftercare kit (a $50 value) so your healing is quick and easy

And a mimosa!

1249 | 5 hrs

Thank you Chelsea for updating my look and making it an absolutely great experience. Your expertise and professionalism made me very relaxed and excited to see the outcome. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for permanent make-up. Awesome job and very happy customer.

permanent eyeliner tattoo
permanent eyeliner tattoo

Want a little more glam in your life?

This service includes Eye Define Lash Enhancement with liner PLUS a larger wing/wedge and available smoky effect.

Black, brown, and fashion colors available.

799 | Up To 4 hrs

Chelsea is absolutely the best at what she does! I’m so picky when it comes to my makeup and she is the only person i would ever trust doing any sort of permanent makeup! Having my brows and liner done have been such a time saver and I’ve gotten so many compliments on how natural it looks! If you’re wanting to get your brows or liner done i highly recommend her! You won’t regret it!!

eyeliner tattoo with wing

Tired of applying eyeliner every day?

Sick of smudges and streaks?

This service includes our popular Eye Define Lash Enhancement

PLUS a 1-3mm line above the lash line.

Perfect alone or under makeup for a crisp, finished look!

Standard wing included. Black, brown, and fashion colors available.

699 | Up To 4 hrs

eyeliner tattoo with wing

I absolutely loved my time with Chelsea and I was so happy with my brows that I went back and had a lash enhancement done as well. Waking up with brows and liner already done, has made morning with two little ones so much easier. I’m thinking lip blush next! Thank you so much Chelsea!

lash enhancement eyeliner tattoo
lash enhancement eyeliner tattoo

A client favorite!

This service is the ultimate in “no makeup” beauty!

Smoky liner applied WITHIN the lash-line gives the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes!

The most natural permanent eyeliner style.

Black and brown available.

649 | Up To 3 hrs

I am soo happy I finally got my eyeliner done by Chelsea! The process was easy and the results are beautiful! Thank you Chelsea!

lash line tattoo

This session ensures the best results in color, shape, and saturation.

8-12 weeks after initial service. 12+ weeks additional charge may apply.

149 | Up To 2 hrs

Give your permanent eyeliner a new life with fresh color and saturation.

Existing clients only, valid 12 months – 3 years from last service only.

349+ | Up To 3 hrs

lash line tattoo