Lightening and Removal

Did you have your brows done somewhere else and are unhappy with the results?

This gentle technique lightens or removes previous microblading or eyebrow tattoos so your new brows can look their best!

I’m very thankful for you. I know that my brows are going to take longer to completely come out but whatever you did made it so that it already helped so much. I think the tail and the top part came off and it’s not as pointy. Anyways, you’re amazing! Thanks!

How does it work?

Using Botched Ink®, an award winning saline tattoo removal product, I gently tattoo the solution into the area we want to remove. This revolutionary solution breaks down the old pigment, pulling it to the surface, and softens any scarring.

What should I expect during my appointment?

Your appointment will begin with a full consultation where you will fill out paperwork, we will review your medical history, discuss your goals and expectations of removal/lightening, answer any questions, and take before photos.

We will then begin by thoroughly numbing the area of removal.

Once you are numb, I tattoo the Botched Ink® solution into the old tattoo to break down the pigment and bring it to the surface.

Please note that a MINIMUM of three sessions is recommended and your tattoo may require more depending on several factors. 

Does it hurt?

Although everyone’s pain tolerance is unique, most clients report a mild to moderate burning sensation at times throughout the service. After you may have some slight redness and/or minimal swelling, but will not require any downtime. 


  • For best results, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. However, individual results vary and more sessions may be required. 
  • Any unused package sessions may be applied to cost of future services. *Must be applied within 6 months of last Lightening and Removal session.
  • Includes full aftercare instructions and COMPLIMENTARY aftercare kit so your healing is quick and easy.