Perfect Touch
Lip Blush

My FAVORITE service!

Are you are tired of looking tired and want something to freshen your face? Are you annoyed by lipstick disappearing after an hour? Do you have cool or uneven lips you wish were more even? If so, Perfect Touch Lip Blush is perfect for you!

Back in October I did lip blushing. It’s been the greatest thing ever! CDL Tattoos did and amazing job! I now have a defined, full top lip without having to inject anything! I highly recommend getting this done!

Perfect Touch Lip Blush is a long lasting solution to dull lips, cool or uneven toned lips, color loss, thinning, or just because you hate wearing lipstick!

This less invasive service can bring back the youthfulness of your lips WITHOUT having to use filler OR can be an amazing addition to traditional lip plumping services. 

What should I expect during my appointment?

Your appointment will begin with a full consultation where you will fill out paperwork, we will review your medical history, discuss your goals and expectations of permanent makeup, answer any questions, and take before photos.

I then custom-blend the perfect color pigment – always using the top of the line products to ensure your lips are the perfect color throughout the life of your tattoo. 

Then I will use my “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique” to apply the pigment, keeping you numb throughout. 

When you are completely satisfied with the results, we will take after photos, discuss aftercare, make an appointment for your Perfecting Session, and you will receive a complimentary after care kit to help ensure proper healing.

How Long does it last?

Everyones results will vary (due to skin type, lifestyle, etc) but you can expect your lips to look great for 1-5 years before needing a refresh! 

Does it hurt?

Although everyone’s pain tolerance is unique, most clients report very mild to no pain at all. However, it is normal for Perfect Touch Lip Blush to have some mild to moderate swelling and/or bruising after and you will be provided an ice pack to help. Any swelling/bruising should subside within a few hours.

What is the difference between Perfect Touch Lip Blush and lipstick tattoos?

While both Perfect Touch Lip Blush and traditional lipstick tattoos are considered “permanent makeup” there are several important differences between the two techniques:

  • My “Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique” results in very minimal trauma to the skin and does not produce heavy, chalky, unnatural looking lip color like traditional tattooing can.
  • Perfect Touch Lip Blush is an extremely natural looking technique that dusts color on your lips – similar to a lip stain. While traditional permanent lip color is typically very opaque and obvious color.
  • While you may experience some discomfort, Perfect Touch Lip Blush is a gentle service compared to the extremely painful lipstick tattoos of the 80’s and 90’s.


All signature services include:

  • A full consultation to discuss your goals and expectations of permanent makeup, answer any questions, and find your perfect lip shade.
  • Minor to moderate lip shape and symmetry correction to make your lips appear fuller.
  • Top of the line, custom-blended pigment.
  • My Gentle Touch Enhancement Technique to ensure your comfort throughout the service. 
  • Full aftercare instructions and COMPLIMENTARY aftercare kit so your healing is quick and easy. *Kit includes reusable ice packs in the event of any swelling.
  • And gorgeous, more youthful looking lips for 1-5 years!

This luxury Perfect Touch Lip Blush session ALSO includes:

Our signature Perfect Touch Lip Blush Service (any style)

Preferential “SKIP THE LINE” booking (get in up to 10 weeks sooner!)

COMPLIMENTARY 1-hour teeth whitening session voucher (a $180 value!) – valid for 45 days after service

Enhanced aftercare kit (a $50 value) so your healing is quick and easy

And a mimosa!

1249 | 5 hrs

lip blush

Chelsea is absolutely the BEST. I had my first lip treatment and all went better than expected. She is very caring and wants to make sure you are totally satisfied. She helped me on the color and made sure I knew everything about the aftercare. Can't wait to go back to complete the process then it's on to my eyebrows!!!!!

lip blush neutralizing
lip blush neutralizing

Is your lip color uneven, cooler, or darker toned and you wish for a rosier or warmer look?

The same symmetry and shape correction as my Signature Perfect Touch Lip Blush

PLUS color neutralization to give your lips the color you dream about. 

799 | Up To 4 hrs

Chelsea was very knowledgeable and friendly, the office was neat and clean. She did my eyebrows and I love them . The price was great , her work is exceptional , I’m happy I chose CDL Tattoos and would recommend her to my friends and family.

lipstick tattoo

This one is for the woman who doesn’t go anywhere without her favorite lipstick.

The same symmetry and shape correction as my Signature Perfect Touch Lip Blush

PLUS a more defined lip line and saturated all over color.

699 | Up To 4 hrs

lipstick tattoo

Chelsea was very professional and really listened to me. I changed my mind on the look I wanted a couple of times and she never made me feel rushed through the process. She has a great attention to detail and color matching. I was expecting it to be painful but she had a very gentle hand. My lips healed great!. I will definitely be back in the future!

lip blushing tattoo
lip blushing tattoo

My personal favorite!

Did you know that your lips are fuller than they appear?!

Lip thinning is a well known side affect of aging, but color loss can make an even bigger impact on our appearance.

This service restores your lips’ youthfulness with sheer color and a naturally defined lip line.

Perfect for color loss due to aging, lip filler, or scaring of the lips/lipline.

649 | Up To 3 hrs

I don't think 5 stars is enough  for Chelsea. She is the text book of professional, perfect but most of all she genuinely cares about YOU!!! I think every lady should boost her confidence a little by giving her a call.

lip blushing

This session ensures the best results in color, shape, and saturation.

8-12 weeks after initial service. 12+ weeks additional charge may apply.

149 | Up To 2 hrs

Renew your lips with fresh color and saturation.

Existing clients only, valid 12 months – 3 years from last service.

349+ | Up To 3 hrs

lip blushing