Temecula Valley – How to Take Care of Permanent Makeup? Read This Aftercare First

Temecula Murrieta Menifee Permanent makeup aftercare instructions

When it comes to aftercare for your new permanent brows, eyeliner, or lip blushing, it can be confusing to know which method is best. That is why I have developed, through my almost two decades of tattoo experience, the best and easiest way to care for your new cosmetic tattoo.

1. Keep It Clean

The most important step (this CANNOT be stressed enough) in aftercare for any service CDL Tattoo’s provides is to thoroughly clean your new tattoo for the first 24-48 hours after your appointment. During this time a thin, clear, or yellowish liquid – called plasma – may weep from the area of service. Typically this weeping will only last a few hours but, in the case of body tattoos, can last up to a few days. While this liquid is your bodies way of healing itself, it can also lead to unwanted scabbing if left to accumulate and dry. While weeping is occurring, periodically clean the area with a clean, damp cotton round, gently wash morning and night with plain, non-scented, anti-bacterial soap (Dial Gold is my go-to), and gently pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Don’t Let It Dry Out

Next your tattoo will enter the “dry” phase of healing. After a few days your new tattoo will start to feel very dry and tight (typically 2-3 for Perfect Touch Lip, 4-5 for Eye Define Lash Enhancement, 5-7 for Effortless Brows, and 7+ days for Body Art).  While we do not want your service area to be too “wet” in the beginning, we also do not want it to be too dry now. During this phase you will start to apply artist approved/provided aftercare ointment or lotion as needed. For some areas, like eyeliner, that may only be 2-3 times a day while lips will require much more frequent application.

3. Leave It Be

Now comes the phase I like to jokingly refer to as the “zombie” phase. During this time your new tattoo/permanent makeup will start to peel and flake. THIS IS NORMAL and expect the area to flake like a really bad sunburn for a few days. DO NOT PICK AT THE FLAKY SKIN. Continue using your provided aftercare products during this time. If you need to look more presentable, you may use a little more aftercare product to make the flakes less noticeable. This part can be very annoying, but only lasts a few days.

4. DO’s

  • Do stay hydrated and take a few days off from strenuous activities/workouts.
  • Do keep your head elevated to prevent swelling (lips and eyeliner).
  • Do ice the area for 5 minutes at a time if needed (lips and eyeliner).
  • Do keep any bedding that may touch the new tattoo clean.
  • Do avoid direct sunlight and tanning for 2 weeks.


  • Don’t use anything abrasive on your healing tattoo, like a washcloth.
  • Don’t submerge your healing tattoo. Avoid hot tubs, pools, the ocean, etc.
  • Don’t wear makeup on the service area until flaking is done.
  • Don’t get any Botox/filler in service area for four weeks after.
  • Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns.



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