Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Eyebrows Tattooed

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Eyebrows Tattooed

What if I told you that your eyebrows were MORE important than your eyes when it comes to how people perceive you? While most women focus on their lips, eyelashes, or skin care as part of their beauty routine, it is definitely time to give your brows the attention they deserve!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “I can NEVER get my brows to look good!”, and you ARE NOT ALONE! Most women complain about the time they waste on their brows everyday, how they can never find products that work or stay all day, and how they just can’t get them to match or look right.

Read on for my Top 5 reasons Effortless Brows can help!

1. It’s Long Lasting

That brow pencil you just used? Yep, it has smeared all down your face in the hot Temecula sun. Skipping the pool this summer because you’d rather have brows? Or what about that mad dash out of the gym before someone recognizes you and wonders where your brows have gone?

It has to stop! Effortless Brows gives you long lasting results (up to THREE years!) that won’t smudge, smear, wipe away, or sweat off. TRUE life-proof brows!

2. You Get Beautiful Results

Whether you are looking to give your brows more definition and fill or need to revive sparse or thinning brows, permanent eyebrows are for you. My “Meant For You Shaping Technique”, will give the perfect brow shape, style and color for your eyebrow tattoos. My goal isn’t to just give you beautiful results, but to give you beautiful results that work for YOU!

3. It’s Pain Free (Yes, Really)

For the vast majority of my clients, Effortless Brows is completely PAIN FREE! So lay back, take a little nap (I swear clients fall asleep ALL the time!) and wake up with gorgeous eyebrows!

4. Effortless Brows Are Safe and Easy

When done by a licensed, certified and insured artist, permanent eyebrow tattoos are safe and easy with very little risk involved. The service only lasts a few hours, healing is simple and only takes a few days, and there is NO downtime.

5. Saves You Time and Frustration

Stop worrying about your brows wiping off, enjoy that pool time! Feel confident knowing you can get up and go without spending that extra 5, 10, or 30 minutes trying to perfect your brows. And


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